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Jay’s cool Fruity-Rita’s 

Jay’s cool Fruity-Rita’s 

A few weeks ago a made a drink for friends. While I do throughly enjoy meeting up after work, hanging out, enjoying the atmosphere sometimes I also enjoy kickin it w/ friends at home & enjoying a cool alcoholic beverage. This drink was inspired by my bff. She made it for me a while back & I decided….I’mma do you one better. Thus, it was on !!! 

Ladies & gents…here’s my take on a Fruity-Rita


Simply Lemonade w/ Raspberry

Seltzer Water

Tequila (I like the Kirkland brand from Costco)

Costco Margarita mix w/ tequila

Fresh blueberries & strawberries (We bought them earlier, cleaned them well and then froze them)



Step 1: Wash your glasses and place them in the freezer to get chilled, or rinse them w/ really cold water.

Step 2: Pour 3 shots of Tequila in a cup or pour exactly 3 shots in your shaker…I didn’t bring my shaker lol.

Step 3: Pour a cups worth of Margarita mix for each glass…about 1/2 a cup per glass.

Step 4: Pour in a shot worth of seltzer for each glass.

Step 5: Add a mini handful of frozen berries.

Step 6: Add a few ice cubes to your drink & fruit mixture.

Step 7: Add your juice.

Step 8: Shake your contents vigorously !!!!!

Step 9: Pour !!!! Please pardon my pours…I think. Had a few shots in between 😜

Step 10: Serve with ice, garnish with a mint leaf and enjoy 🍸

Salud 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸