Short and Sweet <3


While this post is about food…it really isn’t. Just a little something I like to call ‘short and sweet’. So since I’ve been blogging almost 2 years now , I’ve blogged a lot of stuff to veggies, to fruit pops, cakes, fish, poultry, soups and stews. I’ve even managed to do a restaurant review as well as shared my take on healthy cooking tips.

Here’s YOUR choice and YOUR chance. I can only be as helpful and productive to my community as possible. With that being said, if there is ANY food topic you wish to see discussed or a dish you’d simply like to see made to actually see the difficulty level…shoot me a comment.

So, you must be thinking…”Jay must be running out of ideas ?”…me, hell no. My mind is always racing, I was just thinking what’s something I haven’t done or something folks would really be interested in reading about.

Thus, the comment section is open and I’m always open for feedback…and don’t be like this lady below…buying a ton of stuff now like…humm, what to cook 🙂




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