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Soulful Sunday String beans


This past Sunday was my good friend’s Gma’s birthday. In addition to all the other yummy food that was served…goulash with Parmesan and butters egg noodles, deviled eggs, fruit, meat and cheese trays, salad, cakes, pies and not to mention a fabulous fall sangria…I wanted to bring yet another veggie. 

Not just any veggies but I wanted to ensure these was a little soul added.  Now guys note…I did not grow up cooking underneath my mom or my grandmothers. I honestly make food the way I think it should taste, however  Some food does happen to be reminiscent of my mom & grandmothers cooking though 🙂

Check out the easy recipe for Soulful Sunday string beans !


1 lb of fresh string beans cleaned well

1 whole onion chopped

4 pieces of uncooked bacon chopped

1 clove of minced garlic or 2 tablespoons of minced garlic

1/4 cup of olive oil

1/2 contained of chicken stock or both

A few dashes or cayenne pepper, sea salt, and black pepper

Step 1: Clean your fresh string beans well under running cold water in a colander.


Step 2: Chop and peel your onion & bacon

Step 3: Add your onion, bacon & minced garlic to a large pot.

 Step 4: Have the contents above on medium heat until your onions begin to carmelize. Then add your 1/4 cup of olive oil and your seasonings and slowly stir with a wooden spoon.

This aroma of bacon, onions and garlic is amazing & im my opinion the ‘The Holy Trinity’ of any meal made with love. ❤️


Step 5: Once your seasonings and oil have cooked down well slowly add your string beans while stirring with a wooden spoon to ensure all our beans are covered with your yummy onion, bacon & garlic goodness 😜.


Step 6: While stirring your beans add your chicken stock and then allow beans to simmer on medium heat with a secure top, occasionally checking and stirring for :30.

Step 7: Now, some people like their beans al dente whereas I prefer mine to be a little softer. Either way really is fine. Below is a final product and needless to say everybody was pleased 🙂 Feel free to eat as an entree or serve as a side….either way Bon Appetite !


Jay The Foodie 💋