Veggie Kabobs…#LaborDaystyle

Veggie Kabobs…#LaborDaystyle

As the ‘last holiday of the summer’ came to a close this past Monday we did as most Americans did…grilled !!!! With many food options I opted to be sure to have some fresh veggies everyone could enjoy. Thus this recipe is not only easy, but it’s healthy as well. These veggies can be made on the grill or in the oven in a grill pan. If you’re seeking an appetizer or an added entree this is a sure winner with all family members and your potential date 🙂 I say all that to say it’s sure to impress! Take look !

Veggie kabobs


Any veggies of your choice. I used

4 bell peppers (red, yellow, orange & yellow…I love color)

Button mushrooms cut into quarters

2 whole onions cut into quarters or eighths

1 large red onion cut into quarters or eighths

1 large zucchini cut into halves

1 large squash cut into halves

Wooden or metal skewers

Olive oil

Step 1: Wash & cut your veggies of choice very well.

 Step 2: Skewer your veggies.

Step 3: Spray your grill well with cooking spray or olive oil & place your kabobs on them.

Step 4: My sis made turkey burgers from scratch w/ cheese, seasoned chicken wings, hot dogs & spicy chicken sausage on the grill as well 🙂

Step 5: From here we allowed the veggies to cook until they were a bit charred on the ends and then we were ready to serve and eat ! Baked beans, deviled eggs, the veggies, the meats and the margaritas 🍸.

Bon Appetite 🍴💁🏽😘



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