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Rustic Chicken and Kale Soup with Smoked Sausage

Rustic Chicken and Kale Soup with Smoked Sausage

A few weeks ago I wanted some chicken soup. Yes it’s the summer but I didn’t want any chicken soup I wanted some hearty soup. One of our local restaurants Carolina Kitchen makes a very similar soup and I wanted to try my hand at it. Truthfully it is one of those fall soups,  a winter kind, or even a rainy day kind of soup but if you’re a foodie… You can eat soup anytime !!!

So…here it is…Jay’s take on her Rustic Chicken and Kale soup with Smoked Sausage


1/2 of a rotisserie chicken

1 onion diced

1 bag of chopped kale

1 large spoonful of minced garlic

Sea salt

Cracked pepper

2 cans of diced tomatoes

4-5 red potatoes diced

garlic powder

onion powder

A few generous shakes of Mrs. Dash



2 quart sized containers of chicken broth

1 large piece of smoked polish smoked kielbasa (turkey or pork)




Step 1: Chop your rotisserie chicken into bite sized pieces.



Step 2: Cut your onions into small pieces as well.


Step: Chop your red potatoes into bite sized pieces.



Step 4: Add 2-3 cans of diced tomatoes to a large pot.


Step 5: Add all the above ingredients to your pot.




Step 6: Add 2 containers of chicken broth (low sodium if possible)



Step 7: Add your seasonings and stir well on medium heat until all seasonings have been added and taste savory 🙂



Step 8: Allow the above ingredients to simmer for at least :30 on low to medium heat and then slowly add your chopped kale after you have cleaned it well under running cold water and a few dashes of salt to clean the leaves. Make sure you get in the crevices well to ensure you have gotten all the dirt, debris, and any little worms out.



Step 9: Allow your soup to simmer well until your greens are wilted and all ingredients are cooked. Potatoes should be soft, chicken should be moist, and onions should be translucent. From there you should closely monitor your pot and ensure all of your ingredients are cooked well. Your pot should cook for about an hour on a slow to medium heat.


Step 10: From there you can grab your favorite bowl and eat with a crusty piece of french bread with sweet cream and a cup of hot tea…yes even in the summertime 🙂

Bon Appetite !

❤ #JayTheFoodie




Jay the Foodie takes on the Solomon’s Island Lighthouse Restaurant


A couple of weeks ago I visited Solomon’s Island with my parents. My mother is a retired government worker and a potter and she had been invited to a high school classmates house to participate in a craft show. If you’re unfamiliar with Solomon’s Island Maryland; its bout an hour drive from Washington,DC to the south and a quick get away for the family or a quick trip to reset from the hustle and bustle of city life.

While there we went to a restaurant called the Lighthouse, as we were on the search for fresh seafood and good wine…at a quality price. We were referred to The Lighthouse and this is where our story begins,

Taken from 

Nick and Rusty Shriver Rusty and Nick were raised in Calvert County, living in Huntingtown. They were active in sports…Rusty in football and wrestling… Nick in football and baseball. Their father Jack who loved to cook, encouraged them to help out in the kitchen. They both worked in local restaurants during high school and Rusty soon discovered he loved creating delicious entrees. 

When they graduated, Rusty continued to pursue a cooking career and Nick attended Frostburg State University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. In 1998, the Shriver Family was offered an opportunity to purchase the business at Clarke’s Landing Restaurant. For sixteen very successful years, Rusty ran the kitchen and Nick managed the Front of the House. 

Rusty and Nick both married St. Mary’s County girls; Rusty married Krista Shaffer, Nick married JoHanna Ramos. Rusty has a 6 year old son, Evan, and Nick has two daughters, 5 year old Ava and 2 year old Zoe. In early 2012, with the owner of the building being unwilling to negotiate a new lease, they began to look for another location. In 2013, Rusty and Nick purchased the ground where the Lighthouse Inn had been located and construction began on the new LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT & DOCK BAR, which opened on February 24th, 2014.

I wanted to be sure to share a bit of the restaurants history as I share with you my order and my review. For my drink of course we were served water with lemon, however I also ordered a sangria. My dad ordered the seasonal ale on draft with an orange wedge.

My sangria was pretty good with a semi sweet white wine, an orange wedge, a cherry and a slice of a Granny Smith Apple. Since we were on a happy hour…I ordered 2 🙂

Per my trainers Stacy Julien and Jeanette Chandler of StayJay Fitness and their blog’s post last week about eating healthy when eating out, I opted for my drinks instead of my appetizer. I was not super starving anyway, so I figured I’d get my carbs in with drinks and healthy ‘swappable’ (is that even a real word)  for my entree for example broiled crab cakes instead of fried shrimp and French fries or hush puppies…yet I digress.

As for my entree, we listened to an array of specials from the waitstaff in addition to the local favorites of Fried Oysters, Stuffed shrimp, Signature pastas with heavy creams tossed in with fresh seafood and chicken breasts, and the Ultimate Seafood Platter. I opted for a healthy and super simple meal… The ‘Original’ crab cake. A six ounce crab cake made of lump crabmeat blended well with secret ingredients served broiled with my choice of a house salad, baked potato, french fries and or a veggie.

Now…the review. After a wait of about :15-:20 everyone’s meal arrived to our outdoor table that overlooked the water. Now I opted for the crabcake meal with a side of what I was told and believed was white corn tossed in light olive oil with roasted red pepper, lime and crushed red pepper. As you can see above I received a small bowl of yellow corn and no it did not taste fresh let alone it was probably frozen so it was probably boiled or steamed. Not to mention my piece of lettuce and slid of tomato.

My father on the other hand ordered calamari…which I tasted and was pretty okay and I used his Sarachi aioli with my crab cake as well as swiped his pickle. While I had never been to this restaurant before, let alone I have never blogged or given my review of a meal in my previous post I did mention that I was going to try something NEW this summer and when an opportunity presented itself to blog or give a review on a meal I have tried for the first time I would do so.

Honestly…it was okay. It did beat not having to cook, considering we were staying in a nice hotel for the weekend so we had to eat out. I just wasn’t all that impressed. My crabcake really was just okay. Now I’ve never made crabcakes before but my mom’s are outta site ! They’re not perfectly shaped but they’re all meat. These…were just okay. They did not have a lot of meat but at the conclusion of my meal…two 16oz glasses of water later, atwo sangrias later…my corn, crabcakes and lettuce and tomato…I was still hungry. I don’t like to leave places feeling extremely full nor did I think I was going to want to bring a doggie bag home by ordering something I may have had a ‘taste ‘ for only for a minute then to stink up the mini fridge with a sub par snack.

In the restaurants defense I will say, the waitstaff was pleasant, the atmosphere was very relaxing, the bathrooms were cleaned and did not smell of cleanser, seafood, or a cheesy air freshener. The bar was fully stocked with local wines to top shelf favorites…I just wish the food was better.

I’ll say this, when I go back next month for our next event…we can just stop for drinks.

And that’s my two cent of Solomon’s Island’s Lighthouse Restautant.