Whose got the juice now !?!?!?

Whose got the juice now !?!?!?

Juicing… by far the best thing ever. Its not too pricey to do and the health benefits are great. Its better than buying juice at the store because it does not have all the impurities and additives. I like to use mine as a meal replacement. The only thing that I’ve noticed, is it has to be consumed in about 7 days. If not it will at least from my experience will go sour and no one like sour juice.If interested in this healthy meal replacement option which can give you lots of energy see below:

My ingredients-


White Vinegar

Mason Jars with Lids to secure

efresh fruit and veggies

Organic Apples







Step 1: Wash all your fruit well or temporarily soak in your sink with a 1/4 cup of white vinegar. This gets rid of any bugs or waxy build up your fruit may have on it. I also like to rinse my fruit well with a little dish or hand soap just to be on the safe side.

Rince your grapes well

Step 2: Slice all your fruit…except for your grapes and carrots, they don’t have to be sliced.

slice your beets

slice your pineapples Slice your apples Sliced pears

Step 3: Put your juicer together and begin your juicing process.

juice prepping ginger     juice your carrots    juicing grapes     juice coming out of machinejuicing in progress

Step 4: Once you’ve finished juicing you’ll notice a thick froth or gas on your juice. You’ll want to dip it off the top and then screw your tops on really well.

Dip out your frothStep 5: Enjoy your juice 🙂

picstitch juicing


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