Simple Salmon


My grandma’s 95th bday was this past March. In my family we’ve got folks who aren’t meat eaters. I was asked to bring something tasty & something that would show my culinary skill set. I decided upon a simple lemon pepper salmon I made at home a few times but was a big hit ! Real easy, healthy, light & all around pretty tasty. Take a look see !


1 large piece of salmon (cleaned well & cut in half)

Crushed red pepper

Onion powder

Olive oil

Garlic powder

1 lemon cut in half

Sea salt

Mrs. Dash or your fav salt less or low sodium seasoning

Crushed black pepper

4 slices of butter cut diagonally into little triangles 🙂  

Step 1: Take your salmon, clean it very well removing any translucent bones you may see and then cut it in half while aligning it on a foil wrapped cookie sheet and spray your cookie sheet lightly with cooking spray or with an olive oil & lemon juice mix.


Step 2: Season your fish well. Begin with your sea salt, cracked pepper, Mrs. Dash, garlic powder, onion powder lastly add your crushed red pepper and squeeze your lemon on both pieces…lastly your butter or margarine slices. This ensures your fish is not too dry. Make sure your oven is then preheated to 350 degrees and you’ll then place your fish in the oven and allow your it to cook with a foil top for about 45 minutes.


Step 3: Remove your fish from the oven & it’s then ready to serve and eat ! 


Bon Appetite !

❤️ JayTheFoodie


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