Jay’s take on Peruvian chicken


In the DC metro area there are a plethora of restaurants that I believe accurately reflect the individuals that live in this area. From Caribbean flavors to Soul food and from Chinese food to different worlds of decadent desserts… We’ve got it all.

I say all this to say that when I moved out of DC I found a wonderful little restaurant that cooks the best Peruvian chicken you’ve ever had in your life. They have things other than chicken like steak, salads, salmon and salads but their chicken with the salsa verde is truly amazing.

Here’s my take on their famous chicken…but I made Cornish hens:)


2 Cornish hens

Every seasoning in your pantry…literally whatever you think you should add to really flavor up your chicken

1/4 cup of white cooking wine per hen

2 tablespoons of minced garlic per hen

Olive oil

Step:1 Remove your hens from the package and clean them very well. Remove the gizzards so from their cavity and really rice this area well. From there stretch your hens wide on your cutting board. Add a little olive oil to both hens either side and then begin to season your bird down.


Step 2: Once your birds are seasoned well lift the skin and add some mined garlic. Use a fork to separate the skin from the breast. The rest of the garlic use it to rub on the remainder of the bird. 



Step 3: From here place each hen in a large ziplock bag and pour some white cooking wine in the bags. This will keep your birds juicy and moist. From there you’ll place your birds in the fridge and allow to sit overnight. 


Step 4: After you’ve allowed your birds to sit in the fridge overnight, remove them and place them on a roasting pan or like I did on an aluminum lined cookie sheet. From there, top the birds with foil nd allow to cook with the foil on for 1 hour on 350 degrees. Once your birds have cooked well, then remove the foil and allow them to cook for another 45 minutes so they can get good and brown. 



Step 5: In true Peruvian chicken style, once I allowed my birds to cool, I split them both in half and served mine with mixed veggies. I actually had some left over salsa verde that I ate with my chicken. I couldn’t tell you what’s in the salsa verde, but I know it’s good 🙂 I will actually attempt to make it one day and maybe I’ll blog that for you guys. And that’s Jay’s take on Peruvian chicken ! 


Bon Appetite

❤️ JayTheFoodie


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