Sunday Dinner…Grilled Ham

Sunday Dinner…Grilled Ham

A few months back my uncle & I grilled a ham. Yes, we grilled a ham. I usually only make 1 of these per year due to the preparation and the mere fact that it’s really a once a year kinda meal…you’ll see in the ingredients. Now, don’t sleep while I am really all about healthy living….I will indulge in ham…okay, okay 🙂 Here’s a recipe for a wonderful ham if you’re up for the challenge ! Thank me later (smile)


Ham (bone in)

1 can ofineapple slice

1 container of Maraschino cherries

1 quart of Apple cider (the muddled kind)


Ms. Butterworths syrup…yes like the kind you use on pancakes

Large aluminum pan

Aluminum foil 

2 Handfuls of applewood chips to mix with your charcoal on the grill

 Step 1: Remove ham from wrapping & rinse very well. 

Step 2: Turn your ham face side down, after you’ve lined a tray with aluminum foil score it (diamond cut) ensure you do not cut your ham the entire way through. Make your cuts about an inch apart. 

Step 3: Insert cloves into your meat where your diamond cuts meet.

Step 4: Have your assistant; in this case I used my God daddy, you can use anyone who is familiar with the proper use of a grill…preferably NOT a minor. Prepare your grill with charcoal & soaked wood chips. Allow your woodchips to soak for :15-:30 Applewood or cherrywood…no real preference. I personally like the applewood 🙂

       Step 4: While your assistant is busy preparing your grill, you’re to open your can of pineapples, fresh cut or both like I did and align them on your ham. You’ll then secure them with toothpicks. The remaining juice from the pineapples you’ll pour in a container for later use. In between your pineapple circles you’ll add marachino cherries & secure them with toothpicks as well.


   Step 5: Remove your ham from the aluminum foil lined tray to a sturdy aluminum foil pan. Then add equal parts of Apple cider to your juice from the pineapples & jar of marachino cherries. Stir it well & then use a turkey baister to saturate your ham. Also drizzle the face of your ham with a little Ms. Butterworths.

         Step 6: Now the two person job, you and your assistant will need to make a large piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover your ham. Simply take two pieces of foil & fold together. 

     Step 7: Now that you’ve made a large sheet, cover your ham well, ensuring your ham is covered securely. Lastly set your timer for two hours & about 18-20 minutes.

       Step 8: Clean up while you patiently sit & wait for your ham. After your ham cooks well….eat & share accordingly. 


Step 9: Bon Appetite !



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