Turkey meatballs with brown sugar and rice wine vinegar (Pintrest inspired recipe)


I found this recipe on Pintrest and decided…of course to make it my own…check it out !





Italian seasoning

1 package of Lipton onion soup (not pictured)

1 clove of garlic minced

1 family sized pack of ground turkey or thawed turkey burgers


Rice vinegar

1 cup of brown sugar

White vinegar

1/2 a container of garlic chili sauce (by the same makers of Sriricha)

Step 1: Add all your seasonings to a large bowl

Step 2: Add your ground turkey and mix well with your hands ensuring you get all the seasonings on your meat.

Step 2: Use a Mellon baller, small ice cream scooper or a teaspoon (like I did) to spoon the meat into your hand to make bite sized balls. Then place them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Step 3: Place another piece of parchment paper over the meatballs and place them in the freezer. This will allow your meatballs to solidify and will be easier to cook/brown in the over.

Once you’ve let your meatballs hangout in the freezer overnight. Remove all parchment paper and allow them to sit out while you’re waiting on the oven to preheat. You’ll want to cook these until browned well on 350-400 degrees.

Step 4: Transfer your meatballs into a Pyrex container or large cooking pan.

As your meatballs cook well but not too well let’s work on your sauce !

Step 5: Add 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar, 3 tablespoons of garlic chili pepper sauce, & 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to a measuring cup. Stir well then transfer to a saucepan on your stove to medium heat.

Step 6: Once your meatballs have cooked well and are browned pour the sauce on them & place them back into the oven until the sauce begins to bubble. Be careful when removing the container because they’ll be really hot.

I then opted to serve my meatballs over egg noodles and not a peep from my family. This means they were good 🙂

Bon Appetite !



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