Meatless Monday: Homemade pasta anyone ? #latepost


A few weeks ago I wanted to try my hand at making pasta. It didn’t require anything out of the ordinary that you may not have at home except for a mixer with a feature to make pasta. Luckily my uncle had one 🙂 I initially intended to prepare a gluten free spinach & sun dried tomato pasta but let’s just say that did not work as planned. I the opted to just make a regular pasta which actually took me half the time. I want to say this entire process took about :45 minutes.

Also let me apologize in advance for my pictures being a little upside down 🙂

Check it out below & for my very first time, it wasn’t half bad either.

*Please note this image has some ingredients I did not actually use. I intended to make beignets as well, and this is a store I took in the grocery store.


Step 1:



Add your flour and eggs to your blender. I want to say I used 4 cups of flour and 4 eggs. It depends on how much (quantity) you intend to prepare.

Step 2:



Once your ingredients have been mixed well and you can tell because it’ll look like a big doughy ball 🙂 Once you do so place your ball on a cutting board with flour and roll it well with a rolling pin. Turning your ball a quarter of the way on the cutting board & rolling it out.

Step 3:




Once you’ve rolled your dough well roll it into an oblong shape and wrap it in cellophane paper. Then put it in your refrigerator for :15-:20 minutes. This will allow your dough to become a little more cohesive.

Step 4:


Once you’ve taken your dough out of the fridge, take it out of the cellophane and roll it well, this will get any bubbles out of your dough.

Step 5:




Once you’ve rolled your dough well you will want to roll it into large stops and place it on a cookie sheet and slightly dust it with flour. They goal is to never have the dough to become dry. If so it will stick to any surface. From there take your first strip and run it through your pasta maker. I made fetuccini and spaghetti so I used two different sizes to make my pasta.



Step 6:
My final product then became what you see below 🙂


Make sure your noodles have enough flour on it so they don’t stick together. You’ll also want to ensure your noodles are in a container where they do not dry out.

Per norm…Bon appetite 🙂


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