Bringing a little HEAT to the Fall season with Curry Chicken


I absolutely love authentic curried chicken and I believe its a meal where you can’t go wrong…whether you make it on the stove top, in the oven, or in the crock pot curry chicken is usually a winner.

I got up early yesterday am in preparation for my day and prepped my chicken because I knew I was going to have a long day and I was not going to be in the mood to prepare food once I got home.

So after my wondrful workout, I was ready to sit down and thoroughly enjoy my meal that while may have taken ALL DAY to cook, it was delish !

Check the recipe here…


-1 large pack of chicken wings (I used to small packs; 1 pack of 6 and another pack of 7. I cleaned them well and broke them down into wing portions)

-1 large garlic clove minced

-1 spring of a green/spring onion

-4 small red potatoes chopped

-2 containers of chicken broth

-1/2 cup of Jamaican Curry Powder (There is a difference between Indian Curry and Jamaican Curry)

-Scotch Bonnet peppers or sauce. (If you use the peppers, you only need 1 very finely chopped, if you use the sauce, just a few dashes will do fine)

-Cracked Pepper

-Crushed Red Pepper

-Sea Salt



Cut lemons to squeeze on chicken17 wings cut into parts....cleaned well and marinaded with lemon juice

 Step 1: Clean your wings well, cut them, rinse them and place them in a Ziploc bag with squeezed lemon and allow to sit in fridge overnight.

veggies Diced onion

Step 2: Cut your onions, potatoes, garlic and ginger.

Place cut potatoes, onions, garlic and ginger into crock pot Put chicken in pot (2)

Step 3: Add veggies (pictured above) to crock pot and then remove chicken from fridge and add to crock pot as well.

Add diced onion Add dicen onion2

Step 4: Add green onions.

Ingredients add seasonings

Step 5: Add your Sea Salt, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes and Pepper to pot.

add half cup to a measuring cup add half a cup of chicken broth

Step 6: Mix 1/2 a measuring cup of Curry Powder and 1/2 a cup of chicken broth.

Stir well

Step 7: Stir well.

pour over 2

Step  8: Add mixture to crockpot.

stir and continue to pour Stir ingredients well

Step 9: Mix well.

Add your secret weapon scotch bonnett peppers or sauce and tabasco Stir ingredients well

Step 10: Add a few dashes of your secret weapons…scotch bonnet sauce and a few dashes of Tabasco cause. Note, if you want to use scotch bonnett peppers as opposed to the sauce you ONLY NEED ONE !! Trust me when I tell you.

Turn your crock pot on low and allow to cook for 8 hours

Step 11: Put top on crock pot tight and cook on low for 8 hours.

Allow your food to cook for 8 hours and allow to cool

Step 12: Once you’ve allowed your meal to fully cook, check it out and take the top off for a bit, turn your crock out off and unplug it.

Serve with a nice salad

Step 13: Last but not least…serve and enjoy ! Often times curry chicken is served with rice and peas, I opted not to make any rice as I’m doing a health challenge and trying to stay away from carbs, but you can always sub for wild rice or my new fav…quinoa.

Bon Appetite

❤ #JayTheFoodie


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