Quick Fix Dessert: Smoothie pops !


So I make smoothies almost daily b/c I don’t eat breakfast. I make my smoothie and I use it as a meal replacement and I’m usually not hungry until my lunchtime at noon. I try to ensure my smoothies have a fruit base (strawberries, pineapples, grapes, mango, melon, raspberries, etc.) with a veg (like baby spinach, swiss chard or baby kale), a little crushed ice, maybe a banana (or 1/2 a banana), some yogurt (or a 1/2 a container) and a splash of unsweetened brewed green tea or water.

One evening after dinner I wanted a smoothie…but I didn’t. I wanted something that was healthy and sweet but not too sweet and it dawned on me…I should make smoothie pops. Of course they weren’t ready that evening, but I still wanted something sweet for another day.

See my quick steps below:

Smoothie ingredients

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients.

Mix ingredients in blender

Step 2: Add ingredients to the blender.

Add 1 container of a yougart of your choice

Step 3: Blend ingredients well and add a container of yogurt, a splash of green tea and some crushed ice. I like flavored yogurt…I use mango, honey or pineapple usually.

Pour into molds and freeze

Step 4: Once blended well, pour mix into molds and allow to freeze overnight.

They’re a great quick treat. Kids love em too !

Bon Appetite !!

❤ #Jaythefoodie


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