More Veggies !!!


Yesterday my sister asked me for a quick veggie dish for an event she is attending this coming weekend. So here we go !

This was a quick and easy dish I made for a girlfriend for a post baby shower. I had to keep in mind that there would be different demographics of folks there (senior citizens aka ‘seasoned citizens’, kids, mom’s a few dad’s, younger folks, older folks and in between folks 🙂 and I not only wanted to expose the kids who were not used to eating some of the the veggies a little something new, but I chose purposely not to prepare this meal with any salt or pepper. I only used fresh veggies from a farmers market here in NW Washington, DC, fresh squeezed lemon juice and  coconut oil.

I borrowed my cousin’s wok (needless to say I hadn’t seen a wok in years) but remembering that I had it was just what I needed to fully prepare a large pan of veggies to perfection !


Step 1: Cut up all your veggies !

Step 2: I sauteed 1/2 a fresh garlic clove in my wok on low-medium heat in coconut oil.

Step 3: As my garlic was nice and lightly browned, I added my zucchini, summer squash, an entire onion (sliced) and diced bell peppers (red and green) and sweet peppers (red and orange)

Step 4:  I allowed them to cook well :15-:20 max…to ensure they were cooked well and weren’t too soft, but weren’t crunchy either I then added them to my empty pan. I then realized that my wok was not big enough for all the veggies I had cut, so I needed to cook them separately.

Step 5: Add fresh broccoli (I cut the crowns from the stalk myself), purple string beans (did you know that when you cook purple string beans they turn green ? I thought that was pretty cool 🙂, I chopped some asparagus, some wax beans (the yellow string beans), and I julienned some baby carrots and cooked them for about :15-:20 as well…I wanted to make sure everything was cooked well…not too crunchy but not too soft either.

Step 6: I then added  those veggies to the aluminum pan that already had the zucchini mix. Last but not least I took a generous handful of cherry tomatoes and seared them until they were slightly charred and soft. I then spooned them into my veggie mix and squeezed some fresh lemon juice on top as I was stirring and BAM ! Instant veggies.

Took #slightwork, but you talk about fresh ?! They were a big hit at the shower and everyone loved it ! I’m glad my friend asked me to make a yummy healthy meal and I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it…she even mentioned that the kids enjoyed it too #missionaccomplished.

Well..#bonappetite and enjoy everyone !

❤ #Jaythefoodie


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  1. Hi JaiSun,
    I promised to check in after my trip to Asheville, so here I am. I think you would like it there if you get a chance for a weekend getaway – They are a little bit of Berkeley on the east coast…and a bit vegan culture there too…Very diverse food culture – we ate at – very good!!!

    Love your veggie recipe here and nicely thought out with your audience in mind…seasoned citizens – love it!!!

    Now I’ll share one….

    Last night we had a curry lentil dish at home that was awesome… first brown your onions with some red pepper flakes and set aside – they’ll be a garnish… then brown your garlic in olive oil – to your taste – and 2T curry powder (this was for about a cup of dried lentils). After the curry powder heats up a little and becomes fragrant, add the lentils and broth (3X broth to 1X lentils) with a few fresh tomatoes cut up…cover and cook about 30 minutes – then add about a 1/4 cup of rice to add balance and to soak up some of the liquid. About the last 5-10 minutes or so, I added a sliced up zucchini from the garden and just let it cook in the covered pot until tender. Once the lentils are tender – anywhere from 30-45 minutes, serve with browned onions on top and a dollop of Greek plain yogurt.. It was sooo good – I’ve also thrown in some dried cranberries on occasion for a little sweet/savory balance… Strong flavors in here – and not for the faint of heart, but when you want something bold and hearty, this will do the trick… yummy!!!! Sorry I don’t have a pic…

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