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One dish I absolutely love is turkey wings with smothered onions. I usually make them fried and they’re suuuuuper yummy !!! I decided since I’m really trying to be good and eat healthy…I’d try baking them. They’re not as crispy as I’ve had in the past but health wise they were so very worth it. The onions were caramelized on the wings and then created a light gravy as well. This is a very easy dish to fix. I prepared this one rainy June weekend and don’t think there were any leftovers 🙂 As those of you that have read my blog posts in the past, you know I like to incorporate a  healthy aspect to the creation of my meals. I try my best not to put anything in my mouth without knowing the health benefits. So as you may have guessed, here are a few health benefits on the consumption of turkey as well as onions.

These turkey tips were taken straight from :http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/nutrition/nutrition+tips/the+health+benefits+of+turkey,9869

The pros

  • Turkey is a rich source of protein.
  • Skinless turkey is low in fat. White meat is lower in kilojoules and has less fat than the dark meat. A typical turkey consists of 70% white meat and 30% dark meat.
  • Turkey meat is a source of iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.
  • It is also a source of vitamin B6 and niacin, which are both essential for the body’s energy production.
  • Regular turkey consumption can help lower cholesterol levels. The meat is low-GI and can help keep insulin levels stable.
  • Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which produces serotonin and plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.
  • It is also a source of selenium, which is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism. It also boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant.

The cons

  • Turkey can be high in sodium.
  • Some meat, particularly prepackaged slices, can be processed and contain other substances.
  • Turkey skin is high in fat.
  • Research suggests large amounts of tryptophan can make you sleepy.If you can, buy organic. Turkeys raised organically will have been treated humanely and are less likely to contain pesticides and herbicides.
  • Look for meat that is supple.
  • A turkey roast is cooked properly when it is piping hot all the way through.
  • Turkey dries out quickly, so don’t overcook it.
  • If marinating turkey meat, put it in the fridge straight after you’ve finished, as it is highly sensitive to heat.
  • Store turkey separate from any gravy, stuffing or raw food.
  • Refrigerated turkey will keep for about one or two days. If it is already cooked, it will keep for about four days.


In this particular recipe I used a large spanish onion that I bought from a local farmers/flea market held in the parking lot of a local high school. I bought about 5 large spanish onions for about $5. I decided to purchase so many b/c I try to incorporate onions in every meal. I love cooked onions. Okay…enough about me…he’s some info on the use of onions…

A Spanish onion is a type of onion that is typically about the size of a softball, has a fine grain, and a yellow or white skin. It’s known for its very mild flavor, with many people finding it sweet enough to eat raw. Though Spanish onions don’t keep very well, they are versatile enough to work in many different types of dishes. They are also popular with home gardeners, since they produce a lot of fruit but are pretty low maintenance.


These vegetables can be used both in bulb and green form in almost any dish that calls for onions, but they generally taste best when lightly cooked. This is because a Spanish onion has a relatively low sulfur content, which gives it a delicate taste that can be overwhelmed or destroyed through long cooking. Those who want to enhance the sweetness can grill or gently saute slices of onion for a few minutes, which will make them more aromatic and give them a dark caramel look. Additionally, they can be substituted for regular white or yellow onions or shallots, and can also be substituted for red onions, though they will make the dish a little sweeter.


Spanish onions can generally last a few weeks when stored properly, though they don’t last as long as other varieties, since they have more water and sugar in them. The most important thing when storing them is to make sure that they’re in a cool, dry place and have enough ventilation. An open paper bag or a clean pair of panty hose often works well for storage. Storing a Spanish onion in a plastic bag will cause it to go bad much more quickly, since it won’t get enough air and the bag can trap moisture, which causes rot.

Now that I’ve gone on my rant about turkey and onions…here’s my recipe…

Step 1:

Clean and cut wings well, seasoning them with salt (not too much, pepper and crushed red pepper in a well lined foil pan.

Step 2:

Set oven at 350 degrees and place in oven roughly for 1 hour.

Step 3:

Occasionally check wings at 30 minutes in to determine if they need to be turned.

Step 4:

Once wings have almost cooked well add a few dashes of cayenne to add a little color and aid in the browning of the skin.

Step 5:

Let cool, serve and enjoy !

Baked Turkey wings(2)

Bon Appetite !

❤ Jaythefooodie


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