Quick fix Monday with quinoa! (Say that five times fast!!!) or Meatless Monday Side dish

Quick fix Monday with quinoa! (Say that five times fast!!!) or Meatless Monday Side dish



photo 4My mother is always suggesting I try new things. While I had heard of quinoa before I had always been skeptical about trying it. When I saw or heard or even thought of it I thought of little seedy,hard yucky grains…like sand and I was not open to trying it…let alone serving it to others 🙂

I promised mom I would try it one day, so I took a minute bag from her house and decided to prepare it and serve it when company came. I checked out the ingredients…quinoa and brown rice…I figured it can’t be that bad, but I did want to ‘doctor it up’ just a tad.

Here’s what I came up with.

photo 1

1 package of ‘Seeds of Change’ quinoa and brown rice

1 sliced clove of garlic

1 handful of sliced mushrooms

A dash of course black pepper

1 sprig of shallots/spring onions

1 small handful of craisins

2 tablespoons of light olive oil

1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

A dash of sea salt


1.Microwave your bag of quinoa & rice for :90 or boil a pot of water and once water comes to a rolling boil add contents of bag.

2. Add olive oil to a small frying pan and once oil is hot add garlic first (you want your oil to have a garlic flavor and to light brown your garlic), then mushrooms, craisins, sliced shallots and allow to cook for :5-;10 minutes occasionally stirring with a slotted spoon.

photo 2

3. Once you’ve allowed your ingredients pictured above to cook well, add a dash of salt, pepper and balsamic dressing and allow to simmer for another:5

photo 3


4.Once you’ve mixed the above ingredients well, put the contents of your quinoa bag into a bowl and add contents of frying pan, slowly folding your mushrooms into your quinoa.

Last but not least…serve and enjoy !

And that’s your quick fox Monday with quinoa ! As always this can be cooked as a meal or a side dish. Either way its more than enough and very filling.

I try to always leave you guys with the health benefits of my ingredients, so please see below:


brown rice


Balsamic Vinegar



olive oil






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