Greens ! Greens ! Greens !


I made Sunday dinner this past Sunday for my little family. I wanted to make something that thoroughly reminded me of Sunday dinners at home with my mom and dad, I wanted to make something healthy..let us not forget I wanted to have leftovers 🙂

While my meal consisted of more than greens, this just happens to be this post. I will post the other sides and main meat in another blog post.

Please note, I got so carried away with taking perfectly lit pictures that I wanted to post that I did not pay very close attention to the time frame it took to prepare my meal and each dish from start to finish (please forgive me). I have in the past, but I also realized that I had not posted in quite sometime…so I wanted to post this afternoon just to remain relevant.

And it goes a little something like this…
photo 1My ingredients include :
-1 large bag of fresh collard greens and kale from the Amish market
– 1 container White Vinegar
-1 large onion (diced)
-Crushed Red Pepper
-Sea Salt (for cleaning the greens and taste)
-Cracked pepper

From here I cleaned the greens (in the sink you see above). I cleaned them well with a sink 1/2 full of cold water, a few dashes of sea salt and 1/4 a cup of white vinegar. I cleaned each leaf well, both sides ensuring there as no debris, dirt or worms in the crevices. I also cut or discarded what looked like wilted or brown leaves.

From there I rinsed the greens and then cut the middle part out, and then cut each leaf into slices…see below.


photo 2As I was cleaning my greens, I also diced an onion…

photo 3

From here and while it was not shown b/c I forgot to take a picture, I boiled a large pot of water and put in a hamhock for flavoring. (Note: I eat pork and I love it…thank you !) For those of you who are unfamiliar with hamhocks, please read this wikipedia link here.

Okay, back to business. Once the water came to a boil I added the onions, cracked pepper, sea salt and crushed red pepper to the water and allowed it to boil a little more. I wanted to ensure my water had flavoring because I knew I wanted my greens to have a nice home flavoring to it. From there I added the cleaned cut greens from the sink to the rolling water and stirred until they all fit.

photo 4I then allowed the greens to simmer for about 2 hours I think it was. From there I removed them from the pot (while saving the pot liquor…see link here for pot liquor). I then transferred the greens and ham hocks into a frying pan and chopped them. Lastly, I added a cupful of apple cider vinegar, a little more sea salt and crushed red pepper.

photo 5

I then allowed the greens to cook for another :30. Greens can really go with any meal or can be a meal within itself. Hope you enjoy and feel free to use and share. Tell your friends ! Talk about good eatin !



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