Lemony peppered chicken w/ Sautéed mixed greens


Secret fact about this little foodie…I dream about food…well not really I mean I dream about what I’m going to cook. I think that sounds a little better. The other day, I dreamed about the days when my mom used to make her lemon pepper chicken wings. It was amazing like really amazing. The crispiness of the hot skin and the tang of the lemon pepper was always mouthwatering. Not to mention I LOVE chicken !!!! Since I’m trying to make changes to my life particularly with regard to eating habits instead of frying the wings like mom would in light flour and a yum yum dusting of lemon pepper, I decided to do a healthy twist…baking it 🙂 Baby steps to healthy living…one meal at a time. So, here’s my twist on one of my favorite meals-


Lemony wings-

2 whole lemons sliced in half

4 tablespoons of lemon pepper

Sea salt

Course black pepper (not pictured)

12 cleaned whole chicken wings

Sautéed Mixed Greens-

(1) 1.5 lb bag of mixed greens (baby kale, chard & spinach)

(1) sliced clove of garlic

Crushed Red pepper




Align wings in baking pan, puncture wings on either side and squeeze lemon juice and dust both sides of the wings with lemon pepper, sea salt and pepper until wings are coated well. I then sliced my lemon and placed them on top of each wing.



Preheat oven to 350 degrees, cover chicken with foil and allow your chicken to cook for 1 hour. Thirty minutes in turn wings ensuring wings are cooked well on both sides. Once chicken is cooked well, remove the foil and turn oven on broil and cook wings on broil for 15 minutes watching your chicken to ensure it does not burn, but has a golden brown juicy look to it. I removed the lemon slices and only kept some in the gravy the lemon juice, lemon pepper, sea salt and pepper created.



Sauté sliced garlic in frying pan with 1/4 cup of olive oil w/ a few dashes of crushed red pepper until garlic is almost crispy with a golden brown tint



Add greens to frying pan turning every 2-3 minutes to ensure garlic is evenly distributed throughout the greens.


Once greens are completely wilted add greens and wings to plate and you’re ready to eat !!


This meal took me, maybe all of 2 hours to cook from start to food on plate, not to mention I was able to get a good mini workout in while waiting on my food to cook. I also had more than enough for left overs which I was able to take to lunch. The house had an amazing aroma, so try it. You won’t be disappointed and bon appetite.

Enjoy !

-Jay (the self proclaimed #foodie)




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